Settlement Week

How do I settle my divorce case quickly?  How do I settle my custody case quickly?  How can parties work out their child support case without the need for costly litigation and court hearings?

These are some of the questions I get after potential clients understand the possible costs of litigating a case.  A full on fight in a divorce, custody, modification, or child support case can be financially and emotionally draining.  Most people would prefer to come to the table, air out their issues, and try to find creative solutions to their problems.  The best solution is mediation.  In mediation you have control and can walk away from the table if you feel the discuss is not being productive, taking the case to court instead.  Mediation can happen early on in a case or later after hearings and/or discovery is conducted.

Williamson County, and many Counties throughout Texas, have something called “Settlement Week.”  Settlement Week is when parties can find inexpensive mediators to assist them in reaching an agreement on their case, if possible.  Williamson County offers settlement week twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  There are only so many slots available so usually they are reserved on a first come first served basis.  The program is usually run by the courthouse or local bar association.  Your local attorneys or court staff will know if a Settlement Week, or similar low-cost mediation program, is offered in your area.

Settlement Week is mediation, just a rose by another name.  Sometimes cases have too many complex issues to be solved in a short, low cost, mediation setting like settlement week.  There are many experienced mediators throughout the state who can spend extra time or use their unique expertise to assist you in resolving your complex case.  These might be good options if you believe your case might be too complex for a shorter mediation session.  Check with the local bar association in your area for experienced mediators for familiarity in your needed area of law.