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Partney Law PLLC is a law firm serving Austin, Georgetown, Temple and the surrounding areas of Central Texas. This includes legal services provided to Travis County, Williamson County, and Bell County. If you are looking for an Austin Divorce Lawyer, Georgetown Divorce Lawyer, or Temple Divorce Lawyer then we can assist you with your case. Additionally, Partney Law can assist with your Will and Estate Planning documents as well as probate matters, including probating a Will and assisting with an heirship proceeding. 

Divorce in Texas

Divorce is a difficult time that has huge implications for your immediate and long-term future. It is vital that you bring your case to someone who knows how to handle the diverse needs of your case. Extensive property or debts as well as immediate support issues need to be carefully evaluated so you can make informed decisions affecting the rest of your life.

Divorce in Texas

Generally available to couples with no remaining disagreements regarding basic divorce issues. 

Contested Divorce
in Texas

Divorce in which parties cannot agree about getting divorced or about the terms of the divorce.

Divorce With
Children in Texas

Specific instructions and forms are required when you and your spouse have children younger than 18. 

Enforcement of
Property & Debt Division in Texas

If your ex-spouse does not follow property division court orders, you can return to court to pursue enforcement. 

Child Custody and Child Support in Texas

Child Custody in

Navigating child custody and visitation questions, win custody in family court. 

Child Support in

Determine how much child support is needed to cover housing, food, and clothing.

Modification of Child
Support in Texas

Arrange a court hearing to change your existing child support order. 

Modification of
Visitation &
Custody in Texas

If parents cannot agree to changes, one parent must file papers with the court asking for a change. 

Attorney General
Cases in Texas

The Office of the Attorney General provides services for parents who wish to obtain or provide support for their children. 

Enforcement of
Visitation & Custody Rights in Texas

The court can enforce orders against custodial and noncustodial parents who don’t obey visitation or child support decrees. 

Adoption in Texas

Adoption is a civil procedure. A person who seeks to adopt a child must file his or her petition with the appropriate court. 

Wills and Probate in Texas

Small Estate Wills
in Texas

Fast track your will resolution with this affidavit. This is particularly helpful when the owner of a “small estate” dies without a will. 

Probate in Texas

If a deceased owned property with no named beneficiaries attached, or they have predeceased the decedent, probate is necessary to transfer the property to the beneficiaries. 

Heirship Proceedings in Texas

When a person dies without a Last Will and Testament, an attorney must investigate the deceased’s family history and confirm to the court the identity of the heirs. 

Small Estate
Affidavits in Texas

This Affidavit is used when a spouse or family member has passed with a “small estate” and without a will. The Affidavit allows you to fast track the resolution of an estate through probate court. 

Muniment of Title
in Texas

Muniment of Title indicates ownership of an asset and is used to transfer title of estate assets to beneficiaries named in a deceased individual’s Will.