Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested

Many people do not know the power of Certified Mail. If you need to prove that someone actually received a letter, package, or document, then this method is the best way to confirm that.  It will cost about $6.00 to send a regular sized envelope through the U.S. Postal Service.  Your local post office can help you find the right stickers that you need to place on the envelope.  See USPS.com for more details on Certified Mail.
Why do you need to send something Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested?  Because when a Judges asks you whether the other side got “Notice” of a hearing setting this is the sure-fire way to prove that someone did receive your letter with the notice inside.  The return receipt card comes back in the mail with the recipient’s signature on the card.  If you are lucky, it is the signature of the same person you were trying to reach and not a secretary, assistant, or spouse.  However, even that might be enough to show the Judge that it did get there.  Make sure to save a copy of the letter that was in the envelope so you can show everything to the Judge to prove not only that you sent something but also what you actually sent.