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Travis County District Clerk filings/records

Williamson County District Clerk filings/records online lookup

Hays County District Clerk filings/records online lookup

Online Parenting Course (Requirement for Divorces in some Counties): Putting Kids First

Volunteer Legal Services (VLS): Free Legal Clinics, In-Person courses
(Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program, Assessments, Counseling, substance abuse therapy)

Travis County

Austin Police Department Warrants – for warrant numbers ending in MC or CC, call the Austin Municipal Court at 974-4812. For all other warrants call the Austin Police Department Warrant Office between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at 974-5299

Travis County Sheriff Warrants – 854-9889 for traffic citations, hot checks, and other offenses that might have gone to warrant status.

OMNI System – call (512) 342-0915 or 1-800-686-0570 to check on outstanding tickets from any county in Texas. You will need your driver’s license number and date of birth to access the system.

Inmate Search: 512-854-9889

TCJ: 512-854-9033

Del Valle: 512-854-4180

Pretrial Services: 512-854-9381

Adult Probation Department: 512-854-4600

Criminal Justice Center: 509 W. 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Directions

County Courts at Law (Criminal)

Number 3: 512-854-9243
Number 4: 512-854-9896
Number 5: 512-854-9676
Number 6: 512-854-9677
Number 7: 512-854-9679
Number 8: 512-854-7180

District Courts (Criminal)

147th: 512-854-9311
167th: 512-854-9310
299th: 512-854-9442
331st: 512-854-9443
390th: 512-854-4885
403rd: 512-854-9808
427th: 512-854-3663
Magistrate Court: 512-854-9099

Drug Court: 512-854-4646
Criminal Courts Administration: 512-854-9244
County Clerk: 512-854-9440 (misdemeanor records)
District Clerk: 512-854-9420 (felony records)
Travis County Counseling and Education Services: 512-854-9540

Williamson County

Williamson County Jail
306 W. 4th Street
Georgetown, TX 78626

Main number: 512-943-1365
Booking: 512-943-5206
Medical department: 512-943-1378

Williamson County Courthouse Annex
405 M.L.K. Blvd
Georgetown, Texas 78626

Williamson County Adult Probation Department: 512-943-3500

Criminal Case Search
Inmate Search

County Courts at Law (Criminal)

Number 1: 512-943-1200
Number 2: 512-943-1411
Number 3: 512-943-1160

District Courts (Criminal)

26th: 512-943-1226
277th: 512-943-1277
368th: 512-943-1368

Drug Counseling and Testing

Austin Mobile Drug Testing

Residential Facilities

Texas Star Recovery: 512-444-4835 or 800-252-5151
Austin Recovery: 512-697-8600 or 800-373-2081

State Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment

On-Site Services (Drug Testing)
8711 Burnet Rd. Suite A6
Austin, Texas 78757